To the reader:


The university of the 21st century plays a key role in the innovation structure of the knowledge-based economy and society. In addition to education and research, it turns knowledge into a financial pursuit.


The University of West-Hungary, whose traditions go back several centuries, takes its cultural and economic responsibilities seriously. As a significant institution of European higher education, it is an important arena for the complex activities of research, development, innovation and education, and is continuously developing its human resources and infrastructure. In addition to high quality education, it offers professional services in terms of applied research, expertise and counselling.


Several important investments were made, supported by the Regional Infrastructure Operative Programme. An important one is called the “Infrastructure and IT development to improve the quality of higher education” (TIOP-1.3.1/07/2/2F-2009-0008) grant that helped establishing the Natural Resources Research Centre (NRRC). In this new building, nearly 4000 m2 in size, about 80 new or modernized laboratories are located, in addition to a completely refurbished wood shop. The large number of state-of-the-art instruments and research tools acquired with the grant helps raising the quality of education, opens new opportunities for research and services, and may expand our relationships with the industry and other actors of the economy.


In addition to a higher level of service in our traditional research areas, NRRC offers new opportunities as well. Some of the important new fields include nanotechnology, special material testing, wood modification, alternative energetics, robot-technology, polymer processing, environment protection, geophysics, genetics, soil sciences, geo-informatics, air and plant chemistry.


The Natural Resources Research Centre is an important arena for the complex application of the accumulated knowledge at the University, for inter- and trans-disciplinary research involving highly educated lecturers and researchers with international experience, while doctoral and undergraduate students get a chance to be involved in scientific research and services.


Accredited testing and inspection in our traditional areas of machine and workplace safety, wood and paper material testing, as well as the newer fields of environment protection, special material testing, soil mechanics and fire safety of building materials, are given special attention.


We are convinced that the Natural Resources Research Centre helps the University of West Hungary to transfer relevant knowledge, generate practically applicable research results, and thus serve the country and the Western-Transdanubian region with continuously increasing competence.


We trust that we may soon welcome you as one of our partners!


Prof. Dr. Sándor Faragó