Accredited ACTIVITY


Wood material testing

-   roundwood and sawnwood sampling, physical tests, wood defect detection

-   wood based panel sampling, physical and mechanical property determination,

-   assessing the physical, mechanical and aesthetic properties of finishes

-   determining the formaldehyde content of and formaldehyde emission from wood based panels.

-   strength testing of metal and plastics

-   wood structural testing: Equilibrium wood moisture content determination; measuring the fields of deformation and stress using electric deformation sensing in structures and structural element

-   determination of the anatomical characteristics of various species, species identification

-   wood preservation studies: studying the durability of natural wood and its influencing factors; studying the effectiveness of preservatives against wood decaying fungi; detecting preservatives in wood; studying the effectiveness of non-biocide-containing products against wood decaying fungi

-  wood strength grading: visual and instrumented measurements.


Wood product testing

-   wood floor sampling, investigating physical properties and material defects

-   assessing the mechanical properties and surface resistance of multi-layer flooring materials,

-   sampling of wood based interior panelling, investigation of physical properties and material defects

-   door and window sampling, investigation of physical properties and material defects

-   testing the mechanical properties of windows and interior doors,

-   furniture sampling, aesthetic, physical and mechanical assessment,

-   playground tool examination

-   door and window raw material testing; crossties, wooden bridge element and wooden pole testing; Railway fastener structure testing


Heat treatment plant accreditation

-   Accreditation of heat treatment equipment according to the standard FAO IPPC ISPM 15


Fire safety compliance of structural materials

-   Full fire safety testing of building materials (excluding flooring) according to the relevant standards.


Occupational safety inspection


-  Work safety investigations of forestry and wood processing tools (non-accredited)

-  Environmental noise emission measurements from industrial establishments, affected area determination

-  Full-body and local (hand, arm) vibration load determination

-  Worker noise exposure determination

-  Solid (non-toxic) air pollutant emission determination from localized pollution sources (non-accredited)

-  Combustion gas analysis

- Sampling and assessment of wood dust and other wood based dust found in the workplace atmosphere

Paper testing

-   Pulp, paper and cardboard, corrugated board, processed paper product testing: strength, optical characteristics, surface characteristics, barrier properties, chemical properties


Environmental testing

-   Environmental tests: pulp, waste paper, paper and cardboard, corrugated board, processed paper product, papermaking water, paper plant waste water, paper plant fibre sludge



Geotechnical and geophysical testing


-   Geotechnical drilling by a Borro type hydraulic power drill. Disturbed and undisturbed samples for up to 10-12 m and 2-3 m in depth, respectively.

-   soil strata sounding for up to 5-6 m in depth using a drop-bar powered penetrometer

-   E2 load bearing capacity measurement by a disc-type device

-   Soil compaction and load bearing capacity measurement by a light drop-bar device

-   Deflection measurement with a Benkelman Beam (hand deflection meter)

-   Pavement excavation by electric chisel hammer, up to a pavement depth of 60 cm

-   In-situ water penetration and leakage coefficient determination in the top soil strata, up to 1 m in depth

-   In-situ moisture content determination for up to 1 m in depth

-   Grain distribution test with mechanical (dry and wet) sifting, hydrometry

-   Plasticity index determination using a Casagrande device

-   Leakage coefficient determination by triaxial device

-   Soil compression modulus determination with an Ödometer compression equipment

-   Soil compactibility determination and compaction test using a Proctor soul compaction device, modified Proctor test

-   Soil physics characteristics determination (moisture content, wet and dry bulk density)

-   Soil and specimen water and frost sensitivity studies (climate chamber, freezer and thawing chamber)


Soil investigations


- pH(H2O) value,

- pH(KCl) value,

- liquid limit (KA),

- humus content (%)

- hydrolytic acidity (y1)

- exchanging acidity (y2)

- total carbonate content (CaCO3 %),

- total water-soluble salt content (%),

- phenolphthalein alkalinity

- soil base exchange test

- mechanical composition investigation

- soil nutrient content examination

- toxic element content,


Plant testing


- nutrient element content determination (N, S, P, K, Mg, Ca, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, etc.)

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