Institute of Chemistry

NRRC laboratories:


The refurbished and expanded laboratories of the institute include the following:

-   Atmospheric chemistry laboratory

-   Plant chemistry laboratory



R&D&I activities:


The key research areas of the institute:

-Qualitative and quantitative assessment of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of air, workplace air testing, combustion gas analysis.

-Chromatography studies of the organic materials from plant tissues and samples, qualitative and quantitative analysis.

-Water analytics; qualitative and quantitative analysis of the organic compounds of water

-Chemical qualification and analysis of modified wood

-Investigating and optimizing biogas fermentation technologies




In education, the institute’s laboratories are used for lab sessions, student science projects, individual lab projects, thesis projects, PhD research. Key areas of education include: lab sessions in environmental analysis, applied and analytical chemistry, wood chemistry, water chemistry.


Key laboratory equipment:

- mobile emission and air pollutant concentration measurement station

- HPLC-MS system

- sample processing tools and devices