Measurement Technology Laboratory

Measurement Technology Laboratory

Institute of Physics and Electro-Techniques, has almost 200 years background. Our famous professors were: Christian Doppler and Karoly Simonyi who made the firs steps in nuclear physics in Hungary. Institute has practice to build up different experimental devices to support research and industry and meet challenges in sensor technology. The new Measurement Technology Laboratory mission is to collect the different solutions and offer cooperation to our colleagues in the field of sensing technology. For more information please contact Ferenc Divos:




Displacement: LVDT sensor and electronics:

-       range is 20mm,

-       resolution 1 micrometer,

-       linearity error is software corrected

-       USB  interface

-       Measurement sampling rate: 5 Hz

-       Battery operated electronics

Optical displacement measurement

-       3D sensing using 2 cameras

-       range depends on camera object distance: 0,2 – 10m

-       resolution 0,2% of the range: 0,4 mm – 20 mm

-       sampling rate: 30 Hz

-       Output is a real time data file

Capacitive displacement sensor

-     In cooperation with MTA GGKI


Thickness:     Eddy current sensor for metal plate thickness measurement

-       one side access

-       range 0,1- 4 mm

-       resolution 0,05 mm


Temperature: Soil and ground temperature measurement chain

-       1kW termistor

-       temperature resolution 0,1 oC

-       8 or 16 sensors in a chain

-       Maximum cable length is 100m


Time:               Time measurement using acoustic trigger

-       range 5 ms

-       resolution 1ms or 100 ns

-       channel number max. 32


Moisture:        Microwave impulse radar technology

-       non-contact

-       moisture range: 0-30 %

-       resolution 1%