Institute of Wood and Paper Technology

NRRC laboratories:


The refurbished and expanded József Bognar Laboratory includes the following:

-  Material preparation laboratory

-  Wood based panels laboratory

-  Laboratory of polymer technology


Other laboratories include:

- Laboratory of paper technology

- Chemistry laboratory

- Jozef Bodig laboratory of non-destructive testing of wood

- OSJER laboratory


R&D&I activities:


Most important areas of research:

-  composite materials and products: inorganic bonded composites, traditional wood based panels, fibre-reinforced composites, woodfibre-plastic composites, biocomposites

-  nanotechnology: producing bioactive nano chemicals using green chemistry, LbL applications, bioplastics and nanocomposites, nanocrytalline cellulose,

-  cellulose, pulp and paper research, cavitation assisted pulping and whitening, packaging technology,

-  non-destructive material testing: live tree stability testing, dynamic testing, read heart detection with impedance measurement, timber strength classification, wooden structure investigation including strength prediction and condition assessment, nuclear environment control.




In education, the institute’s laboratories are used for lab sessions, student science projects, individual lab projects, thesis projects, PhD research.

Most important areas of education include wood based composites, wood drying and steaming, paper raw materials, defibration technology, mat forming, physical and chemical testing, flow mechanics, non-destructive testing of wood, acoustics, light frame construction technology and materials, insulation techniques, colour theory.


Key laboratory equipment:


-  composite technology: chippers, defibrators, fraction screens, drying and blending equipment, hot presses, hydration tester, moisture content meter.

-  polymer technology: twin screw extruder, injection moulder, MFI meter, high speed blender

-  paper and cellulose technology: cellulose structure testing, fibre parameter testing, web forming equipment, grinders, deinking cell, ultrasonic homogeniser,

-  nanotechnology: QCM, light microscope, AOX measurement, Ft-IR

-  non-destructive techniques: acoustic tomograph, tension tester for tree root stability testing, acoustic root tester, ultrasonic material tester (Kraut-Kramer USN-50), gamma spectrometer, testing equipment for air radon concentration measurement, aerosol alpha and gamma activity analyser.