Institute of Product Design and Manufacturing

NRRC laboratories:


The refurbished and expanded laboratories of the institute include the following:

- Laser cutting laboratory (cutting, engraving)

- Modelling shop (for wood, plastic, foil and foam works)

- Surface testing laboratory


R&D&I activities:


The scientific research at the institute is directed at the development of wood based products, joinery products, and technology innovations (mechanical processing, adhesion, surface treatment, production methods), including:

-     Product engineering

-     Improvement and modelling of door and window efficiency parameters

-     Utilisation of various wood species in furniture

-     Improving adhesion and surface treatment techniques (colour correction, environment friendly materials)

-     The accuracy and tolerance in the mechanical processing of wood

-     Furniture design, computer-aided stress design, modelling

-     Life cycle analysis in the wood industries

-     Intelligent products and systems in the wood industries

-     Simulating the behaviour of products and structures

-     Improving the thermal properties of windows, testing and modelling the reliability of product parameters

-     Laser cutting and engraving of wood and wood based materials




In education, the institute’s laboratories are used for lab sessions, student science projects, individual lab projects, thesis projects, PhD research. Key areas of education include the following: furniture and joinery products, technical product design, mechanical processing, quality assurance, quality design, quality control, product design methodology, product simulation, modelling, ergonomics, adhesion and surface treatment, eco-design, computer aided design, integrated product design, furniture design, contemporary design, DFX techniques, modern furniture technologies, upholstery.



-     modelling shop with hand tools and handheld woodworking machinery

-     laser cutting equipment for cutting and engraving wood, metal, plastics, paper, leather. Work area: 1000×600 mm

-     Q-Sun aging chamber with spray equipment

-     Computer lab (with Solidworks, AutoCad, 20-20 Cad, 20-20 Design, Leonar3Do, 3DStudio Max, Photoshop, CorelDraw, GaBi, and ArtiosCad software)

-     equipment for testing glueline and topcoat quality (scratch resistance, wear resistance, adhesion tests, etc.)

-     Equipment for testing furniture strength, durability and stability (FAIMEI)

-     Physical (air tightness, water tightness, wind load) and mechanical window and door tester (FAIMEI)


Latest references:

-     Chair design, Hungarian Furniture Cluster cooperation. Industrial partner: Sixay Furniture

-     Designing furniture that carries Jugendstil style elements, Hungarian Furniture Cluster cooperation. Industrial partner: Kanizsa Furniture LC.

-     Bus interior design. Industrial partner: Zala Volán Ltd.

-     Sun lounge and plastic shelving system design. Industrial partner: IDEA Group International Ltd. Italy

-     Interior furniture design for the “Kecske” Church in Sopron

-     Lab furniture development. Industrial partner: Falco Sopron LC.

-     Decreasing the colour- nhomogeneity of furniture fronts. Industrial partner: Swedwood LC.

-     Developing children and “nomadic” furniture made of corrugated cardboard. Industrial partner: Karton-art Design LC.

-     Modelling the efficiency parameters of windows. FP7 project.


We are open for co-operation in the following areas:

-     product design, development, simulation, modelling, ergonomic analysis

-     furniture, door and window testing (mechanical, physical, thermal conductivity), counselling

-     surface and adhesion testing

-     quality control and assurance studies

-     life cycle analysis and carbon footprint determination

-     statistical process control, reliability analysis

-     the implementation and introduction of production efficiency improvement methods (Just in Time, Lean…)

-     wood based product restoration

-     design, development and optimization of furniture, door and window technologies