Institute of Machinery and Mechatronics

NRRC laboratories:


The refurbished and expanded laboratories of the institute include the following:

-  Pneumatics-energetics laboratory

-  Energetics laboratory

-  CNC laboratory


Other laboratories of the institute:

-  FESTO mechatronics laboratory

-  Metallography and tool technology laboratory

-  Experimental cutting laboratory

-  CAD-CAM laboratory

-  Machine repair shop with wood- and metalworking machines


R&D&I activities:


The key research areas of the institute are, as follows:

-            Machinery and maintenance: structural, operation and maintenance issues of wood processing machinery; Metal material science, metallography; applied research in CAD-CAM-CNC and robot technology; research in tool technology, tool management, tool development (e.g. tool design for improving extraction efficiency) and intelligent tool technology research; tool life tracking by writeable and readable chips (RFID system), data acquisition and analysis; Research in modern production and maintenance methods, designing and implementing new procedures; Investigations and research for improving the efficiency of mechanical processing considering the applied materials and analysing of cutting conditions; Cut surface quality research; Investigations of the relationship between surface quality and tool condition.

- Material transport, pneumatics and logistics: Research and development of modern material transport equipment and systems; Moving and storing individual goods and loose materials; Storage systems; Creating regional corporate logistics supply systems and supplier systems using modern logistics methods and tools (SIMUL8 software); Research and development of energy efficient extraction systems adaptable to technology, creating new design methods; The assessment of the flow conditions in dust and chip extraction systems, floatation tests; Fraction analysis of dust and chip; Condition monitoring systems for improving performance robustness and reducing electric energy utilisation.

- Mechatronics: Pneumatics; Electro-pneumatics; PLC techniques; Bus systems in automation; Servo driving; Automated camera measurement systems; Proportional hydraulics; Sensor techniques

- Energetics: Energy efficiency research, finding energy efficient technologies; Creating and analysing corporate energy balances; Professional services related to energy auditing; Assessment of alternative energy utilisation in the wood industries; Assessment of the biomass-based (wood-based secondary raw materials) thermal and electric energy production in the wood industries; Briquette and pallet production potential from the biomass; Combustion studies of wood based energetics materials in low-capacity furnaces; Informative emission measurements for the environmental impact studies of furnaces and point sources of air pollution; Comparative studies of solar collector systems; Research and development of technologies and equipment utilising alternative energy (mostly solar energy) using flat plate, evacuated tube and dish type collectors.




In education, the institute’s laboratories are used for lab sessions, student science projects, individual lab projects, thesis projects, PhD research.


Key areas of education:

Woodworking machinery, Metallography, CAD-CAM-CNC and robot techniques, Tool technology, Tool management, Maintenance, Material transport, Pneumatics, Logistics, Mechatronics, Machine elements, Wood energetics, Renewable energies, Environmental impact of industrial processes, Safety and fire protection, Integrated production systems, Measurement techniques, Mechanisms, Technical drawing, Cutting theory.

In mechatronics, accredited FESTO training courses are offered, in co-operation with FESTO. Our institution was the first to receive the FACT qualification in Hungary.


Key laboratory equipment:

Electric power meter; Heat quantity meters; Displacement sensor; Vibration sensors; National Instruments measurement system with a LabView software; Tool analyser; Hardness testers; PIV Laser particle velocity analysis measurement system (PIV); 2.5D and 5D CNC equipment; Mechatronics equipment; Integrated production system (iCIM), CNC router and lathe with a humanoid robot and an integrated monitoring and control system; Surface roughness tester; Laser surface scanning microscope; Laser machine accuracy tester; Briquetting equipment; Experimental cutting equipment; Pelleting equipment; Experimental dust and chip extraction system; Solid fuel furnace capable of burning wood chips and pellet; Experimental solar cell and solar collector systems; Multi-component emission gas analysis equipment; Air velocity and pressure meter with universal measurement attachments; Workplace dust exposition meters; Noise level testers for environmental and workplace noise investigation.